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Thanks so much for reading “Beyond the Products”. Hopefully, the 12 secrets and 13 “not-to-do’s” will give you better direction of how to build your network marketing business as effectively as possible. 

As promised, here are the various bonuses mentioned in the book. More will be added over time.

How to Stay Happy Through the Journey

The first is a lesson is a video recording from one of my courses that shows you how to remain happy throughout your business building process.  Quite often, super-achievers are not happy, even though they have accomplished a lot. Watch this lesson for a powerful lesson that will show you how to always be happy, even if you don’t accomplish your goals by your desired date.

Audio Recording of the Book

I am planning to do the audio recording of this book in October. As I get closer, I’ll update this page to show you how to access it.  Thanks for your patience.

Taking Your Network Marketing Business Online

If you are interested in seeing a high level overview of how to add an online cash flow path to your network marketing business, then click here to get access to a mind map and description I created that will help you better understand the concept I quickly covered in the bonus chapter of my book, “Building Your MLM During COVID.”

I’ll go over more details about how to leverage templates and tools of online MLM experts to start MLMmaking money online.

Check it out by clicking here.

The 60 Second Sales Hook

This is a great little book that walks you through how to tell your story in under a minute. It runs about $5.

I summarize the approach in Chapter 10, Secret #8: Practice “Icky-Free” Prospecting.

Check it out by clicking here.

Simple Connector CRM App - Free Trial

If you are interested in the Simple Connector CRM Mobile App, you can get to the special offer page (for book buyers) by clicking here. This app will revolutionize how you collect and follow up with people when you are out and about. 

During these crazy days of social distancing Simple Connector can also help you build your business by prospecting online. It is SUPER intuitive and simple to use but powerful enough to give you control of the messages you send to your prospects, team, and friends. There is also daily task list tied to prospects (or contacts) and so much more like email and text blasts to groups you can create. Finally, you can add a prospect and set up automatic emails, texts, and reminder tasks right when you meet them — all from a single screen. Check it out by clicking here.

That’s it for now.  Have an amazing week!

Keep smiling,


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